Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Top-of-the-Waves Tuesday...

...and the weekend report.
  • It's always a treat having a 3-day weekend. But when it's your birthday weekend, it's so much better!
  • Mom sent birthday flowers that arrived on Friday. This was a great time to receive them because they had all opened up by Sunday.
  • Saturday was a normal day, filled with some clean-up and laundry. I worked on the Afternoon of the Faun handspun [Ravelry], worked on St. Charles (needlepoint), and did a couple of rows on the Spiral Striped Hat [Ravelry].
  • Sunday was a perfect day.
    • The husband made me Eggs Benedict (my favorite!) for breakfast.
    • Since we planned on going out to dinner, he let me do whatever I wanted in between breakfast and dinner.
    • I finished reading a book and worked on the spinning project.
    • We drove to Oakland to meet The Daughter and went to dinner at Picán. We enjoyed several appetizers and I had their incredible fried chicken for my entrée. Of course, by the time we got to the entrée I was pretty full. The leftovers made for a yummy lunch the next day.
    • I got more flowers from The Daughter and some items from Lush.
    • Of course, the best present was seeing The Daughter!
  • Monday was catch-up day.
    • I did the grocery shopping and a bit more clean-up. 
    • I went to Michael's and bought another ball of the cotton yarn I need for the weaving project.
    • I continued spinning Afternoon of the Faun and worked on St. Charles.
    • And I cooked!
It was a good weekend. :-)

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