Friday, October 14, 2016

Eye Candy Friday...

...and I have too many photos to share for a change! Here's another sampling.

Buckeye butterflies:

Buckeye Butterflies

Hummingbird trumpet flowers:

Hummingbird trumpet flowers



Up this weekend:  Since I;ve only processed photos from Day 1 of vacation, I need to work on these some more.

Pacific International Quilt Festival is this weekend. For the first time, I'm thinking of skipping it. My focus right now is weaving. Plus I really don't need to take any more photos at the moment!

I think I'm just going to hunker down at home. I will help The Husband hang our new rug and take photos of that. Since it's part of our vacation experience, I really need to document it.

And hope it continues to rain...

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Eye Candy Friday...

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