Thursday, January 05, 2017

Happy Blogiversary to me!

The blog is 11 years old today! I'm still enjoying the process.

As an online journal, I think it's been very successful. It is very cool to be able to look back to see the progression of projects, the issues I encountered, and how well they turned out.

Blogging on a regular basis for the last 6+ months has been a struggle, mostly due to a lack of time. it became particularly difficult when I cut back my work hours in November, followed by the madness that is the holidays.

I hope with the new year, I can get back into a regular blogging schedule. I'm going to try to blog 3 days a week...they just might not be the same 3 days every week!

So, keep checking back periodically. I'll continue to write about my trips and projects, and post photos of things that catch my eye, like this morning's sky:

Morning sky 1/5/17


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