Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Top-of-the-Waves Tuesday...

...and I finally got the final photos of the Camo Baby Sweater and the Macaw hat.

First, here is the final photo of Camo Baby Sweater [Ravelry]:

Camo Baby Sweater, complete

This is the Macaw Hat [Ravelry], another donation for Halos of Hope:

Macaw Hat

Started 2/2/17
Finished 2/26/17
Yarn: Red Heart Super Saver in Macaw
Pattern: Modification of Malabrigo Head Thingie by Anne Sahakian

  • I finished spinning the singles for the Victoria handspun [Ravelry]. This one was not as nice a spin as the previous yak-silk top I've spun. Maybe it was the fact that my wheel whacked out in twice during the spin, but I was very glad to be done with these singles!
  • Because my wheel seemed to be behaving itself, I started spinning a camel-silk, called Crocus [Ravelry]. It is a much smoother spin!
  • I was getting ready to mail the baby gifts to my nephew when I found out that he and his family are visiting my mom this week. I'll drive down to mom's on Friday and deliver the gifts in person!
  • I started knitting the Mother of Dragons shawl [Ravelry] again. This pattern is causing me headaches--every 3rd row I make a mistake. The pattern itself is not hard, but the chart symbols are handwritten and the lines separating the rows are faint to missing. The poor quality of the chart in the PDF is not helping. By now, I'm fairly experienced reading a knitting chart, but this one... I'm definitely not fond of yarn-overs before or after stitch markers!

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