Friday, April 14, 2017

Eye Candy Friday...

...with some photos from a friend's yard.

As I mentioned, our company party was last Saturday. Our hosts have a lovely home in Los Altos Hills. They have a great view of the area from their front deck.

Los Altos Hills view

Their garden is filled with fruit trees and lots of flowers. They have camellias:

Pink camellia

Blue irises:


yellow and blue irises:

Blue and yellow iris

and orchids:


They also have a great metal sculpture at the end of their driveway. Many call it Don Quixote. I've been calling him Guardian of the Garden because he looks like he'll ward off all unwanted critters from the garden.

Guardian of the Garden

Up this weekend: I hope lots of crafts! The Husband and I are not much into Easter since our daughter outgrew Easter egg hunts. I think we'll just stay close to home.

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Eye Candy Friday...

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