Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Top-of-the-Waves Tuesday...

...and the weekend report.

I seemed to have missed Eye Candy Friday on the blog; I managed to post on Facebook and Instagram...sigh. Here's a photo to hold you for a while. This is a pink ruffled tulip in our backyard:

Pink ruffled tulip

I'm almost back to normal. I still have a cough and my voice gets a little wonky if I talk too much.

I spent Saturday doing laundry and running a couple of errands. The Husband and I went shopping for umbrellas for the courtyard and backyard. We found one for the courtyard, but haven't found one at a decent price for the backyard yet. He kindly took my to a sporting goods store so I could buy some fishing weights to use for a supplementary warp on my rigid heddle loom.

While laundry was running, I worked on the rigid heddle project. It took a while to get the supplemental warp set up and weighted. Once I finally got it working, I was too tired to actually weave more that a couple of picks.

Sunday, we drove to the Daughter's new house. She's just had it for a week and hasn't moved in yet. It's a gorgeous, completely remodeled house in an up-and-coming neighborhood in Oakland. The style is mid-century modern (more or less) and is beautifully finished. The rooms have high ceilings and are spacious, with tons of windows to let in natural light. The builder added storage everywhere - she will have no problem keeping things out of sight, if that's what she wants.

Her Aunt and Uncle met us there and we all sent out to lunch to celebrate. Later, the Husband helped  install some privacy shades in the master bathroom. I took several photos to send to my mother, who is not online.

We love that the Daughter has shared so many milestones with us. We are blessed!

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