Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Top-of-the-Waves Tuesday...

...and a finished object.

I finished my latest hat for Halos of Hope. This is Shimmer and Shiny Hat [Ravelry]:

Shimmer and Shiny Hat

Started 3/26/17
Finished 4/9/17
Pattern: Slouchy Beehive Hat by Flora Cheung
Yarn: Soft & Shiny by Loops & Threads in Shimmer

Originally, I was going to make another No-Noro Hat. However, I had just finished one and I wanted to do something different. After I finished the ribbing for the hat, I looked for free hat patterns that used a cast-on of 80. I found a few, but it wasn't until Halo of Hope posted a photo of the Wurm hat, that I decided to make something similar. I found the Slouchy Beehive hat and modified it for the shorter cast-on and I didn't make it slouchy. I like the way it turned out.

  • Our company party was on Saturday. The theme was cultural heritage, so I made some Mexican Wedding cookies. It is a family recipe that I've been making pretty much my whole life. 
  • I also made a variation of the cookie using cocoa and cinnamon to make a Mexican Chocolate  version. They turned out yummy, too.
  • It was really good to see people that I don't get to see very often. In our company, only 6 people work in the office. Everyone else works at home or at a client site. The party gives us an opportunity to connect in a social setting.
  • Sunday was spent finishing laundry and going to the grocery store. The only crafty thing I did was finish the hat.
  • I'm almost done with our taxes. The Husband has a few last number for me to enter and then we can submit them.

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