Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Top-of-the-Waves Tuesday...

...and the weekend report.

I know it seems odd to do a weekend report on Tuesday, but Ive discovered that blogging on Mondays is very hard to do. There are so many other things that have to happen on Monday.
  • Quilting: I started pulling feature fabrics for my attic windows quilt. It's been so long since I started collecting fabrics for it that I have cleverly filed some of them in places not yet discovered. Sigh. I know I bought some fabric to represent the ranch we lived in and other items. I need to do a serious stash dive to find them.

    In the meantime, I started cutting out the fabrics that I did locate and have about 10 ready to sew into blocks.
  • Cross Stitch: I spent a few hours on Mermaid of the Pearls, but not as much as last weekend. I'm avoiding the metallic braid for now. I'll get back to that this weekend.
    I needed something mindless to work on when I got tired of the metallics in the needlepoint piece, so I started a small Pine Mountain pillow kit called Spring 9-Patch.
  • Needlepoint: I continue to make progress on St. Charles. I finished the purple highlights in the border and started stitching some of the area borders in the center motif. And of course, these borders are in metallic!
  • Spinning
    • I finished spinning the singles for Robin's Egg [Ravelry]. I'm letting it rest before I chain-ply it.
    • I started spinning Rivendell [Ravelry], a glitter roving from Greenwood Fiberworks. I spun about a third of the 4 ounces in the bump.
  • Knitting: I finished the recovery knitting and added a new contrast color at Craft Coffee last night. I'm working away on the next main color section.
  • Still no weaving, mostly because other things were calling my name! 

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