Wednesday, April 11, 2018

WIP-it Wednesday...

...and a couple of photo updates.

Here is the bobbin full of Mirabel [Ravelry] singles:

Mirabel handspun, as of 4/8/18

And the current state of Mermaid of the Pearls. Beading is complete on the lower half of the design (except for the Mill Hill Treasures).

Mermaid of the Pearls, as of 4/8/18

I've returned the Charred Teal shawl [Ravelry] to the rotation list. I'm in section 3, which gives the instructions and stitch counts for Contrasting Color (CC) #1. The next instruction says to repeat those rows with the remaining 5 contrasting colors, with no stitch counts. Every time I pick up this project, I can't figure out where I left off (even with notes) - there is always something off. If I had stitch counts, I could easily figure it out.  Aside from being very bad at reading my knitting (and obviously not taking good notes), it doesn't help that I don't work on it for several weeks.

So after pulling out the last section of CC#2 for the nth time, I sat down and figured out the stitch counts for each of the 5 remaining CC sections. I printed out a little chart and will tape it to the pattern. Maybe this time it will work!

WIPs Roll Call

Worked On:
  • Attic Windows quilt for me (quilting)
    Ordered backing fabric; ready to start sewing the squares
  • Charred Teal Shawl (knitting) [Ravelry]
    Trying to get back to regularly knitting this; working on Section 3, contrasting color #2.
  • Mermaid of the Pearls (cross stitch)
    Bead order arrived before the weekend; beading the top half of the design.
  • Mirabel handspun (spinning) [Ravelry]
    Finished the singles and transferred them all to a spinning wheel bobbin; ready to ply.
Works In Progress, Did Not Work On This Week:
  1. 4-shaft sampler (weaving) [Ravelry]
  2. Finishing work (Shepherd's Bush Christmas ornament.)
  3. Mother of Dragons shawl (knitting) [Ravelry]
  4. Rosewood Wrap (weaving) [Ravelry]
  5. St. Charles (needlepoint)
  6. Valley of the Heart's Delight sampler design (cross stitch)
  1. Be My Baby for My Baby (knitting) [Ravelry]
  2. Bear Paw pottery (needlepoint)
  3. Canto de Sirena shawl (knitting) [Ravelry]
  4. Peacock Majesty by Just Nan (cross stitch)
  5. Tucson Twilight (needlepoint)

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