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WIP-it Wednesday and two F.O.s...

...because I finally got some photos of the handspun.

This is Mermaid Bling art yarn [Ravelry]:

and the failed beading attempt:

Started 4/4/15;
Finished 4/25/15;
Mermaid Wild Card Bing Batt (3.1 oz) from the Yarn Wench;
106.1 yards plus 4.5 yards beaded; bulky weight

This is Lilac [Ravelry]:

and the close up:

Started 4/11/15;
Finished 4/26/15;
Lilac Merino-Bamboo-Tussah Silk top(4pz) from Miss Babs;
124.5 yards, 13 WPI

I also got a photo of Serpiente, the Striped Stockinette Snake [Ravelry] I'm knitting for Loopy Academy:

The Parritch Bonnet [Ravelry] isn't completely dry yet, so I have to wait on that photo.

WIP Roll Call

Worked on:

Stealth Commission Project (quilting)
Cutting out the fabric squares. Still need to buy the fabric for the backing, binding and main border.Striped Stockinette Snake [Ravelry]
Finished the increase section, now working on the lengthWorks In Progress, did not work on:
Irisa Cowl/Scarf (knitting for Loopy Academy) [Ravelry] Be My Baby for My…

Top-of-the-Waves Tuesday...

...I got a few things done over the weekend, but haven't taken photos yet.
On Saturday, I started plying the Mermaid Bling art yarn [Ravelry] with the beads I had pre-strung. I got about 4.5 yards in and decided I hated the look and hated the process. So I broke the thread, unstrung the beads, and knitted the thread ends. I plied the rest of the single with the thread and was much happier!
Saturday was also the Husband's birthday. The Daughter came by to have lunch with him as she couldn't go to dinner with us.

We went to one of our favorite places (By Th' Bucket) where we used to go whenever the urge for steamed clams hit us. This place has been around forever and the clams were always great. We had not gone in several years because they didn't take reservations and the wait for a table was way too long.

The good news is that they now take reservations through Open Table and the clams are still yummy!
On Sunday, I chain-plied the Lilac singles [Ravelry]. It turned out …

The last Eye Candy Friday for April...

...because next Friday is May. MAY!

The Husband has been busy rearranging things in the backyard to reduce our small lawn by half. With the drought, it doesn't make sense to use water on a lawn. Half of it will no longer be watered and we are severely reducing the amount of water that the other half will received--much of that will be from the buckets of water we collect as the shower warms up.

Most of our garden is in containers, so he's moving many of them onto the part of the lawn that we are letting go. That way any runoff will go into the ground for use by the tree and other plants that are in-ground.

This week, our peony finally bloomed:

The yellow ranunculus are almost ready:

This beautiful peach bearded iris opened:

And in the containers by the front door, we have delphinium:

Up this weekend: It's the Husband's birthday so we'll celebrate by going out to dinner to one of his favorite places.

On the craft front, I have a bunch of things to do: two handspuns…

WIP-it Wednesday...

...with photos of the Parritch bonnet, pre-felting.

and the top:

I'll have to wait until this weekend to do the fulling/felting. I just don't have enough time during the week.

In other WIP news, I started the striping project for Loopy Academy now that I've finished the knitting for the bonnet. No photos yet as it is only 4 inches of i-cord.

WIP Roll Call

Worked on:

Lilac handspun [Ravelry]
Need to plyMermaid Bling art yarn [Ravelry]
Ready to ply with beaded threadParritch Bonnet [Ravelry]
Need to full/feltStealth Commission Project (quilting)
Preliminary layout complete. Still need to buy the fabric for the backing, binding and main border.Striped Stockinette Snake [Ravelry]
StartedWorks In Progress, did not work on:
Irisa Cowl/Scarf (knitting for Loopy Academy) [Ravelry] Be My Baby for My Baby (knitting) [Ravelry] Halloween Phat Fiber samples (spinning) [Ravelry] Mermaid of the Pearls (cross stitch)Tuscon Twilight (needlepoint) UFOs/Hibernation:
Beyond Antares, aka Equatorial Nig…

Top-of-the-Waves Tuesday...

...totally missed Eye Candy Friday last week die to a company meeting.

To make up for it, here is a finished object. I finally took some photos of the Dreams of Amethyst shawl [Ravelry].

and a close up:

Started 3/7/15;
Finished 4/15/15;
Warp: Lavender Makimo (Fiberlady), Charade Mosaic FX  (Berrocco), and White Heaven Venezia Sport (Cascade Yarns);
Weft: Amethyst Makimo (Fiberlady);
10 dpi, 174 threads;
Final width and length TBD

On to the randomness
Over the weekend, I worked on the Commission quilt and actually started cutting out squares for it.Last night I finished knitting the Parritch Bonnet [Ravelry]. I just need to full/felt it now.I started the next Loopy Academy project - a striped snake. If this project goes as quickly as the hat did, I can get back to knitting the dropped stitch scarf that is currently on hold.I finished spinning the singles for the Lilac handspun [Ravelry]. Now I can change the flyer and ply Lilac and finish the Mermaid Bling art yarn.No stitching progre…

WIP-it Wednesday...

...with some actual photos for a change!

Here is the current state of Tucson Twilight:

See the bottom left of the piece with all those little square-like things? That's the part that is making me bored out of my mind. And this isn't all of them. I just couldn't face stitching that pattern again for the next section.

The Parritch Bonnet is coming along:

I have about 10 more rows in the current section before I can start the decreases to the crown.

The Mermaid Bling singles are waiting for me to finishing spinning Lilac so I can switch to the jumbo flyer:

And here are the Lilac singles that are currently on the wheel:

I decided not to twist the fringe for the Dreams of Amethyst shawl. I'll secure the tops of the fringe using knots and then give it a press. This project is very close to done!

WIP Roll Call

Worked on:
Dreams of Amethyst shawl (weaving) [Ravelry]
Knot the fringe and press.Lilac handspun [Ravelry]
Singles in progressMermaid Bling art yarn [Ravelry]
Ready to ply wi…

Top-of-the-Waves Tuesday... far, so good.
Spin-In was held at a different location this month. We got to see Amy's new home, taste some wonderful food (yay for the gluten-free muffins and and the iced minty melon drink!). I baked some triple-chocolate brownies to share.
At Spin-In, I started spinning Lilac [Ravelry], a Merino-Bamboo-Silk top from Miss Babs that I bought at Stitches West 2011. I've spun about 2.5 ounces of the 4.0 oz. in the bump.
I finished hemstitching the Dreams of Amethyst Shawl [Ravelry]. I cut it off of the loom and gave it a bath on Saturday. After it was dry, I trimmed the fringe. I started to twist the fringe, but stopped as I'm not sure whether I like the look. I'm still thinking about it.
I spend a little time on Tucson Twilight (needlepoint). I'm a little bored with this project as it uses the same stitch pattern for a large portion of the piece...the only difference is the color of the fiber. That's not enough to hold my interest.
I knit a bit more on the Par…

Eye Candy Friday...


We planted a few vegetables that are growing quickly. The Husband plans on harvesting some kohlrabi this weekend. Our carrots are doing quite well:

The watsonia are starting to appear in the front yard:

and this mysterious blue flower appeared in the backyard. I think it's a cornflower, but don't know for sure.

Up this weekend: Spin In tomorrow!! I have no idea what I'm taking. Maybe cookies?

I'm looking forward to a new Outlander episode on Saturday and the return of Game of Thrones on Sunday. YAY!! I plan on knitting during both of those shows.

I want to complete the preliminary layout of the Commission project and send a JPG to my client.

WIP-it Wednesday and a Finished Object...

...but no images of WIPs!

The handspun with the name I couldn't remember is Gypsy:

and the close-up:

Started and Finished 4/4/2015;
Gypsy Wild Card Bling Batt from the Yarn Wench;
Spun as a single and auto-plied with copper rayon thread
48.4 yds, 7 WPI

This was a quick and fun spin. I still have issues incorporating the locks that are included with these batts. I just don't have the hang of it yet!

WIP Roll Call

Worked on:
Dreams of Amethyst shawl (weaving) [Ravelry]
Just need to hemstitch and wash it!Irisa Cowl/Scarf (knitting for Loopy Academy) [Ravelry]
17 inches completed. Stealth Commission Project (quilting)
Completed the fabric collection for the top; in layout mode. Still need to buy the fabric for the backing, binding and main border.Parritch Bonnet [Ravelry]
Started this on Saturday. Knit the band and did the increases to 200 stitches. Working on Row 3 of 25 of the bonnet bottom.
Works In Progress, did not work on:
Be My Baby for My Baby (knitting) [Ravelry] Halloween…

Top-of-the-Waves Tuesday...

...and the weekend report.
One of the two fabric orders for the commission quilt arrived on Friday, so I took photos of the fabric and incorporated it into the design. The second order arrived on Monday. It's been photographed and incorporated as well. Now I need to organize the fabrics and decide how big I want the squares.I finished weaving the Dreams of Amethyst shawl. I need to do the hem stitching so I can cut it off the loom. Then, it's bath time! I can't wait to see how this bamboo yarn feels after washing.I stared a second project for Loopy Academy. I wanted something easy to knit while I watched the Outlander marathon and I figured the Oatmeal Bonnet was a good choice. I've renamed it the Parritch Bonnet [Ravelry] because it was more Scot.  I really need to get a move on these Loopy Academy projects and this was one way to do so!The Daughter came by on Sunday for a quick visit. It's always good to see her in person--you can't hug text messages, phone ca…

Eye Candy Friday...

...hooray! I'm so looking forward to two days away from work!

These snapdragons are growing in the same bed as the Blenheim apricot tree:

...and said apricot tree has set its fruit:

Our ranunculus are starting to bloom:

And in the category of fiber eye candy, my Rockin' Sock Club installment for March arrived:

Love the colors of this yarn!  I might actually make something from this installment.

Up this weekend: The biggest item is to finish the taxes. We're very close, s I have no doubt that we can do it. It's just a matter of applying ourselves.

New episodes of Outlander start on Saturday!! So excited...the hiatus has been way too long! Once Game of Thrones starts up again, I'll be a very happy camper.

I'm waiting for a couple of fabric orders, so the stealth project is on hold until I receive them. I might have to start one of my other Loopy Academy projects so I might a hope of finishing them by the due date.

Wish I knit faster!

March 2015 recap... which reading came to a screeching halt.

I had a lot of trouble reading the John Cleese autobiography. He's amusing, but he wrote this book the same way he speaks. It would be better as an audio book, and I don't do audio books. I switched to another book when I realized that I was avoiding reading because of this book.

Then I tried a Maeve Binchy book, billed as "Five decades of selected writings from the Irish Times." Since I've read a lot of her books, I already knew her style of writing. It was easier to read than the Cleese book, but without that thread of characters running though it, it was hard to get through.

Hopefully, my next book will be easier to read!

3/21 Meteor Shower handspun [Ravelry]
Yak-silk (4 oz) top from Greenwood Fiberworks;
268 yds. chain-ply, 15 WPIBooks: Maeve's Times, Maeve Binchy After MIdnight, Teresa MadeirosDie Again, Tess GerritsenDead Heat, Patricia BriggsDark Debt, Chloe NeillStarted:
3/7 Dreams of Amethyst sha…

WIP-it Wednesday...

...Happy April!

My biggest WIP for this month is finishing our taxes. There was a little hiccup when I realized that TurboTax 214 and my Mac laptop do not play together. And my Mac is too old to be upgraded. Fortunately, the Husband's computer will work with TurboTax 2014 so we can proceed.

Once I finish the taxes, I can swing back into craft mode.

WIP Roll Call

Worked on:
Dreams of Amethyst shawl (weaving) [Ravelry]
About 50% completedIrisa Cowl/Scarf (knitting for Loopy Academy) [Ravelry]
16 inches completed. Stealth Commission Project (quilting)
Got a layout approved by the client; in fabric collecting mode.Tuscon Twilight (needlepoint)
Finished one of the round motifs; working on the background stitching for the lower left corner.
Works In Progress, did not work on:
Be My Baby for My Baby (knitting) [Ravelry] Halloween Phat Fiber samples (spinning) [Ravelry] Mermaid of the Pearls (cross stitch)UFOs/Hibernation:
Beyond Antares, aka Equatorial Nights (knitting) [Ravelry]Celaeno Shawl (k…