Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Top-of-the-Waves Tuesday...

...wishing that it had been a 4-day weekend instead of 3. I was on a roll!
  • I continue to make progress on the commission piece. I swapped out a couple of fabrics that were just too bright. I'm now in the final layout mode.
  • I scoped out the fabrics at my local quilt store for border candidates. There are some batik options and some marbled options that could work.
  • I did not work on any knitting.
  • I packed up Tucson Twilight and put it on hiatus.
  • I started the Santa Fe #5 needlepoint project that I showed in this post. I'm using the stitch guides that I kept for my previous Tish projects (Santa Fe #2, Santa Fe #3, and Hopi Horizon) and a photo of the completed project as rough guidelines on how to stitch it. Fortunately, this series uses the same instructions for the border and the pottery, so those will be easy to stitch.
  • While looking for the Tish stitch guides, I took a hard look at my binders full of free charts and decided that I really didn't need to keep that many hard copies of the knitted, needlepoint, and cross stitch freebies. I recycled 80% of them. I was able to free up a large binder that I can now use for my completed projects overflow—I'm into 3 binders now.
  • Next, I emptied the 4-drawer filing cabinet that contained all of my cross stitch charts. Now the Husband can use the cabinet for his work files.
  • Since I had all of the charts out, I decided that it was time to let some of them go. I'm never going to stitch them all and my tastes have changed. The charts filled 5 banker's boxes. When I was done with my purge, I had 1.5 banker's boxes of "keepers"—not a bad result. Plus I found 4 small painted canvases by Tish that had somehow been filed with the charts instead of with the other needlepoint canvases.
  • The Husband and I bought a new barbecue. Our old one didn't cook very well. We tested out the new one on Sunday and it works great! I had a wonderfully grilled steak for the first time in 2 years. No more pan-frying for me!
The biggest problem I have now is what to do with 3.5 banker's boxes full of cross stitch charts and a box full of cross stitch kits. There are so many...I don't want to do the eBay thing because I don't want to deal with mailing things out. I want them to go somewhere useful and not have to recycle them.

Go any ideas?

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